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There is a murderer among you and your friends,  and the only disguise they have is their victim's digital identity!

Premise: This is an online multiplayer, roleplaying game where one of the players on the server takes the role of the murderer, who must mimic the online persona of their victim, while the other players role play as their assigned characters and figure out who is the imposter. The game is all played on a simulated phone screen with interactive messenger, browser, and social media apps.

If you're the murderer: You must look through your victim's phone and mimic their online identity. This includes; posting on social media about the topics and frequency the victim has posted before, going through old chat logs and understanding how to appropriately message their friends, and go through their search history in order understand what the victim's interests were. You must do this all in order to not alert suspicion among the other player's until you can run out the time and get out of town. 

If you're the bystander: You must monitor each other's online activity, including what people are posting, and what kinds of things people are messaging each other. Bystanders have an advantage as they are equipped with a "character card" of the character they're playing as, which includes name, pronouns, interests, and information on what kind of relationships they have with the other characters. Murderer has none of this information and must find out through exploring the victim's phone.  You must figure out who is the murderer and call the police on someone before the end of the game. If the majority of the bystanders choose the right person, the murderer will be caught and arrested. However the majority chooses wrong, the murderer will get away and the victim will have died without justice.

When it comes to digital identity, do you really know who's behind the screen? 

This is a playable proof of concept done a week before a two-week game jam. The future of this prototype is unknown.

Game Values:

- Multiplayer




Senior Programmer, Unity Developer Maria Deslis @eternalearth88

Artist, UI Programmer, Unity Developer F. Ria Khan @FRiaK

Special thanks to Kyle Neubarth and Myra Pearson for helping with the original concept!


digitalMaskDesktop.zip 28 MB

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